Welcome to Quemado Lake Estates.

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Gate Code
Reminder - the gate code has been changed as of July 1.  See the link at the right.

Upcoming Events

No Events at this time.

General Reminders

Code for the front gate is found here.
Website Registration
To view pages on this website you must register.  More information can be found here.
Speed Limit
The speed limit in Quemado Lake Estates is 25 mph unless otherwise posted.  Please respect your neighbors and follow this limit.
Rules for trash are posted at the trash site.  Please review these rules and do not leave prohibited items.
Sellers Be Aware
Quemado Lake Estate Owner's Association is an HOA under the Rules outlined in NMSA Section 47 Article 16, the “Homeowner Association Section”.   Please click here for more information required when selling a lot.

Volunteer Opportunities

Architectural Review Committee (ARC):
We have one immediate opening for an ARC member.